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  • The German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG): A lot of noise, though little progress

    30 Oct 2020 / Markt

    2020 has been a surprising year in many ways, but September brought several astonishing developments for German energy and climate policy. After months of inaction, the major amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) was rushed through departmental coordination and state and association hearings in just under four weeks, before being quickly adopted by the cabinet.

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  • The Software as a Service platform for green utilities

    07 Sep 2020 / Technologie

    Lumenaza enables green utilities to start, grow or evolve their business. We have developed the leading energy as a service platform, connecting producers and consumers of green distributed energy. Our open, modular cloud platform works across the full end customer lifecycle and is adaptable to diverse use cases. We offer innovative ways of integrating new products within current portfolios, strengthen existing legacy systems and provide easy access to the energy market.

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  • We need to accelerate the energy transition - now

    23 Apr 2020 / Markt

    Everyone is occupied with one topic at the moment: the global COVID-19 crisis. Understandably so - everybody's normal routines and habits have been impacted. At Lumenaza, we have monitored the situation closely and decided early on to allow everybody to work from home. Our key priority is to ensure that our employees, their families and dear ones stay safe. This remains our focus while the first restrictions are lifted, shops reopen and children return to schools.

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  • Using market-based innovations instead of preventing them

    13 Mar 2020 / Markt

    Next year, the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) subsidy will expire for the country's first solar power plants, especially small PV plants. The energy sector is already discussing how generation capacity can continue to be used economically. Now, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has taken a clear position in the debate with their own study.

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